Friday, July 31, 2009

Photo madness!

Who knew so many people liked to share photos of themselves?! I first did a search on dogs and pregnancy and was then just getting family shots, so I did a search on penguins (natural progression!) and came across this guy's page that had gorgeous penguin pictures. They're so cute.

The only tag on the photo I sent you was penguin (guess he's not that creative). What do you call a baby penguin?

Picasa was pretty good and I could see it's usefulness, but I use to use Facebook to share my photos with people and that way I have more control over who sees what. I could see it being useful in my career to try to find images for ideas on how to stage photo shoots, but I really like the glamour shots more than the regular ones and would get more use out of a stock photo site.

I think I probably won't use Picasa to post my own photos, but might use it every once in a while for fun. And it's good to know about.

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